Japanese KIMONO 2010,Swan

From NONKO romankan.
2010Japan Kimono.
This name is SWAN.

Second Life,Kimono
I hold a swan, and it is the handle of a girl taking a nap.

In conformity to the line of the body, it is the making of that devised a gap and a deficit.
It seems that I feel fine at a waistline.

Second Life,Kimono,obi,NONKO romankan,
Ribbon that the hair ornament is gorgeous for New Year holidays and 2 of KANZASHI are sets. It is used at the same time.

Second Life,Kimono,pink,NONKO romankan,

yes copy
yes mod
no trans

prim kimono,prim collar,scalp obi belt,scolp sleve,Sandals,socks,hair ribon,Kanzashi,SET

Second Life,Kimono,NONKO romankan,swan,

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