Girly fashion NONKO romankan

The casual latest dress which is a girly of the summer & spring
Girly Rose

On the groundwork that I made see-through, there is the illustration of the rose.
It is a cool chiffon dress.


Size please change the part of the skirt for the favorite volume.
Size is changed finely when I click a skirt.

It is the puff sleeve which there was the part of the shoulder greatly.
The ten-gallon hat is on, too.
The chest is pretty with a bra Shah of sculp.

The brassiere is a design of 2type.
This is a denim type.


This is a rose type.


yes copy, yes mod, no trans,

A ten-gallon hat, two types of sculp brassieres, a sleeve,
a chiffon skirt, a shirt, sandals

girly rose-pop

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